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Click email box on the truck to start donation pick up! 

Due to high volume of donation pick-ups, all donations will be screened before scheduling happens.  Please email pictures of products you would like to donate, include your name, address & phone number.  You will receive an email response about your donation.  

North will remain open selling the same items. South is open, specializing in housewares, jewelry, clothes and furniture.  Donations are gladly accepted at BOTH locations during business hours.

Both stores are open Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm  

Visit our social media platforms of Instagram and Facebook to see featured items.

We are now available for donation pickups on Tuesday-Friday.   

Thank you all for your continued support of our Taos Habitat ReStore!   

giglets garments schreenshot.PNG
We are happy to announce, we have partnered with Giglet's Garments.  This partnership works great as we donate unsellable textiles (ripped/stained clothes/fabric) to honor the life cycle of these textiles.  Please visit
to find out more! 

Angie, a ReStore customer who built a lovely home with ReStore materials!

About Taos ReStore :

Taos ReStore is Taos Habitat's #1 Funding Source 


The ReStore is a materials recycling center and home improvement store that sells new and used materials to the public at below-retail prices.

At the Taos Habitat ReStore our mission is to RECYCLE donations from individuals and businesses, RESELL them to the public at a reduced cost, and REINVEST the profits into Habitat for Humanity of Taos to help REBUILD lives through building homes. By accepting these materials we're also helping Taos County go green by keeping items out of the land fill.

Restore accepts donations during business hours, donation pick up happens Tuesday-Friday. Please see above steps to schedule a pickup time.  

Find Us


#16 Highway 522

El Prado, New Mexico

Get Directions

Call (575) 776-2165


206 Paseo Del Canon East

Taos, NM 87571

Call (575) 999-6437

Items we are not allowed to accept:


Medical Equipment

Hazardous Materials

Appliances over 5 years old

Items that are broken or don't work

Sofa Beds 

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