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Michelle Barsano is a local Taoseno and now our 37th partner family. She’s a teaching assistant at Taos Charter School assisting children with special needs, is currently going to school, and has been raising her two sons, Cante and Wanbli, all as a single mother. In her application Michelle wrote about Taos as a community that she has loved living in, “I see myself growing in this community in a personal and professional way”. We feel that Michelle adds value to Taos through her work, her strength, and her stories. We’re grateful to be able to give her this opportunity to live and raise her family here in a stable home. Michelle's house will be built along side the Parison's in this years competition build.

Barsano Family 1.JPG

Mikhial and Brionica Parison relocated here a year ago. They have three little ones,  Jedediah, Freya and Abagail! Mikhial is a wood worker and we're glad to have him to help on the build.

Desserae Cordova will be proud homeowner of Home #35, she was born and raised in Taos, NM and has 2 kids.  Desserea is currently working on her sweat equity and has had lots of support from friends so far.  

Natasha Castellon, mother of 2 amazing kids will be our next homeowner for Home #34.  HfHT is currently working hard to get the adobe walls build up on Natashas house and has a goal to finish before the cold sets in!  We need all the help we can get to get this wonderful family into thier home!

20190925_212807 -CURRENT.jpg

Miriam Jones and her two kids, Nicholas and Shaolin, are our 33rd partner family. We hosted her dedication ceremony in September of last year and she moved into her home the same day! Miriam is also our volunteer coordinator here at HFHT and we couldn't be more happy to have her as part of our team. 

IMG_4198 (2) Taos AD Oct 2019.jpg

Tamar Jeffs worked hard to complete her sweat equity and raise her family while we built her home, our 32nd and the biggest one we've built to date! We celebrated Tamar's dedication ceremony in August of 2019 along with her kids and grandbaby.

Tamar scissors 2.jpg
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