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Home #32

Tamar Jeffs and her six children are looking forward to their new home (it is currently under construction and will be our largest home built to date).

Home #31

Augustine and Angela Padilla had applied before to become a homebuying partner.  They had some things to work on, which they did.  They applied again, went through the applicaton process and were selected by the Family Selection Committee.  Good job!
We are currently working on their home.  

Home #30

Elvira (Vera) and her daughter Jewels are the home buying partner family in the 30th HFHT home.  There new home is a huge step up from their old, drafty trailer they used to reside in.  Vera will be closer to her mother, and Jewels can walk instead of having to catch a bus to high school.

Home #29

Adriana Mares proudly cut the ribbon on her new home in June of 2015.  She and her two children are very excited to be living in a home of their own.

Home #26

Yvonne Passino and her two daughters, Mandi and Stephanie are so glad to be in their new Habitat home.  The first of three homes Habitat Taos built in Questa.

Home #25

This home was built for Althea McLuckie and her beautiful daughter Seda who has severe physical challenges. She needs constant personal care. The house includes many upgrades to help Althea in the daily care of her daughter.

Home #24

Melinda Tafoya has been in her home since summer of 2008, with her son Stephen and daughter Alyssa.  Melinda set a record for our affiliate in "sweat equity" (required hours the home owner must invest in the construction of their home). She did over 700 hours, 200 hours more than are required and all within one year.

Home #23

Estevan and Felicia finished all their requirements plus their 'sweat equity' hours. They've been in their new home since July of 2007. Their sons, Billy and Estevan Jr. were so excited when blessed with a new baby brother. Jordan was born in December 2008.

Home #22

Bella Rodriguez works for the Town of Taos and is an outstanding employee from all reports. Bella reached a milestone by getting a Bachelor's degree from the UNM of Taos. She's been an outstanding homeowner and has been in her home since the summer of 2007

Home #21

Ms. Marti Kolesky, a long-time resident, is the owner of this home. Marti says she cannot believe her dream of owning a Taos home has came true.

Home #20

Pat Lujan and her children Sterlin and Kyrie have moved in. Pat was born on the Taos Pueblo. She and her family had been living in sub-standard housing for a long time. Her children are so excited to have rooms of their own. They picked bright and wonderful colors for their rooms.
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